Meet Your Neighbour - Prospect 1838 Adelaide

Meet Your Neighbour – Prospect 1838 Adelaide

Meet Your Neighbours at Prospect 1838 townhouse development

Born and raised in the country, Robyn never imagined she’d purchase a townhouse, but when she was looking for a smart investment opportunity in the city that could double up as a home for her sons at University, Prospect 1838 was the perfect fit.

What circumstances led you to purchase a home at Prospect 1838?

I wanted something close to the city without the city downsides of congestion and towering buildings blocking the skyline. Coming from a building background, I knew what to look for in a property’s location and design. We just hadn’t found the right one.

Had you spent much time in Prospect prior to buying your home?

I’ve always liked Prospect. We’d often visit the area on our trips to Adelaide. It’s conveniently located near our sons’ university and has all the services you need. It also has a great vibe. I think Prospect is the new Unley! Better than Unley actually.

How did you find Prospect 1838?

On one particular visit to Adelaide, we decided to see if there were any properties worth looking at in the area. We Googled it and Prospect 1838 was the first thing that came up. I can’t actually believe that we’re now sitting here in the very home we searched for.

What were the most important deciding factors for choosing your home?

We wanted something close to the city. Prospect was a no brainer. It’s close to the city and many other services. Coming from the country, I wanted the space of a house with the simplicity of a townhouse. Once we got our heads around townhouse living, we loved the idea. Townhouse living without being boxed into the thick of the city suited us perfectly.

What did you think of the floor plans, and did you have any help looking over them?

Coming from a building background and with the number of times we’ve built and renovated, I knew exactly what to look for. The layout of the home was really functional and uses the space well. I think a good selling point is the balconies. My home has three balconies which provide good break out areas in the house. The fact that the home is double storey means that even when the house is full, everyone has their own space.

What do you love most about your home at Prospect 1838?

It felt like home really quickly. I think that’s a good sign. I love the convenience of the location and the ease of townhouse living.

Have you met your neighbours?

I have! There’s only a few of us right now, but everyone has been lovely. Coming from the country we’re very open and friendly and not shy to offer up help to neighbours so it’s nice to see that that’s how it’s done here too.

What was the purchase process like?

Susan, Tom and Anna have been so helpful, friendly and supportive. They accommodated our needs from beginning to end.

What are your favourite cafés in Prospect?

It has to be 50sixone kitchen and dessert bar!

What would you say to someone looking to purchase a home right now?

Well, of course, everyone has their own checklist of what they’re looking for, but from my experience Prospect is a superb location to invest in. We’re very happy here.