Prospect Just Got Cooler - Prospect 1838 History Wall in Progress!

Prospect Just Got Cooler – Prospect 1838 History Wall in Progress!

It was a time where women hissed at men who bred cattle in plain sight of their daughters. A time of racing (in race cars built from apple crates and roller skate wheels of course). A time where a block of 16 and a half acres cost $1,400. Ah, those were the days. It was the 1800s when Prospect was first founded. The name of the place actually came from the mouth of its founder when he arrived to find gorgeous shady trees and stretches of land. He called it ‘a beautiful Prospect’ and I guess the name stuck.

Prospect has a super cool history. So cool in fact, we’re spraying, nailing, painting and building the vibrant suburb’s history all over a wall surrounding Prospect 1838.

Prospect’s fascinating history will be displayed like a storybook along an artistically created history wall for the new community to enjoy. The property development was inspired by the area’s historical strength of community and neighbourly values, which are instilled in the community there today.

Like an open-air gallery, the Prospect 1838 history wall will be brought to life by local artists Dave Court, Richard Browning and Jake Holmes.

Spoiler alert! Not only will the wall be coated with mind-blowing graffiti, but it will also host a 5-meter high windmill, a farmer’s plough and laser-cut cows, horses and life-size bike racers jutting into the street.

It’s taken three years of research to uncover unique and fascinating stories from Prospect’s past and there’s nothing like it in Adelaide.

The history wall is officially underway and is planned to be unveiled at the end of August 2019. You’re don’t want to miss this! Follow our Facebook page for more details on the event.

History wall at Prospect 1838