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Event Recap – Investor Information Night

The Palace Nova Prospect Cinema, was warm, toasty and buzzing with excitement.

Our very first Investor Info Night was a great success. Over 50 interested attendees joined us in Cinema 2 as our three presenters told us why Prospect is a great suburb to buy property, and why Prospect 1838 is such a strong investment product.

After enjoying some pre-presentation drinks, people took their seats and were welcomed by Susan Pierce, the Director of Eminent Homes – Prospect 1838’s developer and builder. Susan outlined some exciting events and facts relating to what is happening in South Australia, and why Adelaide is still performing well despite the struggling Eastern states.

Gary Benzan from Loanology then presented some facts and figures that proved beyond doubt why Prospect 1838 is a wise investment. Not only does an investment property save you thousands per year in tax, but by purchasing in a suburb such as Prospect, you’ll be assured of consistent capital growth.

Prospect capital growth was 10.5% in 2016 and a whopping 11.9% in 2017 – with no sign of slowing down.

“Invest where people WANT to live, not where people NEED to live”, says Gary Benzan.

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